Full Name
Will Kienzle
Job Title
Audio Engineer
SoundStage Studios

I have been lucky enough to be an audio engineer for 10 years. My engineering adventure started in 2012 when I opened my first studio in Philly - HealingHouseRecordings. I worked on many great projects there and it was a wonderful experience, but in 2017 I decided to close up shop and move to Nashville. I attended the Blackbird Academy, and after graduating, landed my first internship at Starstruck Entertainment. I eventually worked my way up to an assistant engineer position, which I held for about a year. I was then offered a staff engineer position at SoundStage Studios, and I couldn't turn it down. Sometime during all of this, I fell in love with Dolby Atmos mixing, and it makes up a sizable portion of the work I do today! I love music and am excited by the potential Atmos has to expand our creative toolkit both as artists and engineers.

Will Kienzle