Full Name
Eva Reistad
Job Title
Audio Engineer

Eva is an audiophile and sound scientist known for recording amazing tones, wrangling in the largest of mixes and sessions, and being able to patch together most recording studios. Her experience in the audio field is vast- ranging from session managing, singing, writing, producing, tracking, and mixing in a variety of different audio formats (including surround and atmos.) This has taken her around the world, with her most recent travels being to Dubai.  There she helped mix a show on a 27.1 L-ISA system for the World Expo, along with running recording and mix sessions in A.R. Rahman’s new state-of-the-art recording facility “Firdaus Studios." 

Eva’s skills have gained her recognition across the record and film industry, in which she has participated in numerous award-winning projects. Most recently, mixing the Grammy-Award-winning record “An Adoption Story” by artist Kitt Wakeley. 

Some of her previous mixing works are- “Cinderella” by Jessica Rose Weiss,  “Dune- The Sketchbook Album” by Hans Zimmer, “Why? The Musical” by A.R. Rahman,  and “The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry” by Jeff and Starr Parodi.

Eva Reistad